storing big data with little effort

Cella handles your data storage needs and provides a flexible API to store and query data objects. It helps you store any type of payload in an easy-to-use API. No data schema is needed as you control the format.

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time series capabilities

for data that is time-based, Cella provides a fast and reliable way to store the information, and also query on aggregated information in time buckets.


the full text search capabilities ensures a quick and efficient data lookup, customized to your data layout and business needs.


every data point may contain location meta information, allowing you to filter and aggregate results based on geographical locations.


Cella provides an extensive number of filters applicable to your data, from exact matches to range queries over the entire dataset.


Filtering events that occurred last month that have the keyword "fireworks" in the payload, are classified in the "party" category, occurred within a 50 km proximity of a point, and also aggregate the average loudness on 5 minutes buckets? No problem here!